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Barrier-free environment

Barrier-free environment or universal design allows all people, including older people and people with disabilities to move in the public space without anyone’s help; It is an opportunity for people with disabilities to engage in social, professional and cultural spheres and sport life of the country, obtain decent education and qualified job and have a rich and full life.

Basic principles of the universal design is equality, respect to the each others’ peculiarities and functionality.

Development of the barrier free environment require 2 components: overcoming stereotypes of thinking and elimination of mechanical, informational, operational and behavioral barriers . Thanks to the Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Games 2014 fully accessible sport venues and other infrastructure is built, special literature is published, stuff is prepared, accessible transport is acquired and barrier-free environment in Sochi is being created which is going to be an example for other cities in Russia. The Organizing Committee "Sochi 2014" has s comprehensive program to raise awareness about the Russian Paralympic Games and Paralympic values .

The main activity of the “United Country” Foundation aims to create conditions for self-realization of people with disabilities through their integration into society. "Accessibility Map" is a common project of the "United Country” Foundation and the Organizing Committee "Sochi 2014", which is designed to involve everyone into the development of barrier-free environment in Russia.