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“My Hero” Promotion in Support of the Project “Accessibility Map”

The Organizing Committee “Sochi 2014” and the “United Country” Foundation for people with disabilities announce the start of a promotional event “My Hero” with participation of “Sochi 2014” ambassadors in support of the project “Accessibility Map”.

Famous top-model and social leader Natalya Vodyanova was the first person who volunteered to support this event. She will wear a T-shirt with the image of the most active user, make a photo of herself in this T-shirt and post this photo in her social media account.

Rules of the event

To become a Hero you should register on the website “Accessibility Map” and to publish as much as possible objects with the elements of accessible environment.

Please, be aware that the key element to be estimated during the calculation of the objects number is the integrity of provided data. If you have sent the largest number of objects within two weeks, the team of the project “Accessibility Map” will send you an e-mail with the confirmation and further instructions to follow.

Start of the event

November, 27, 2013